2012 DNC keynote speaker a Latino, a first

First time a Latino is keynote speaker at DNC

For the first time, a Latino gave the keynote at the Democratic convention.

Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, Texas, took the stage Tuesday night charged to give the same speech then-Senator Barack Obama gave in 2004 when John Kerry was running for president.

"The most challenging thing about this speech is not even the words; the most challenging thing about this speech is the huge arena and the number of people who are going to be here," said Castro in an interview on Monday.

Even though Castro is not fluent in Spanish, for delegate Isamac Torres-Figueroa from Berks County, the speech is an historic occasion.

"I'm excited for him- I really am. It basically tells us that the work that we're doing in our community in Reading and Berks is exactly what we need to be doing. Can't wait to hear what he has to say tonight, that's for sure," said Torres-Figueroa.

During his speech, Castro shared his story of reaching the American dream.

"Ours is a nation like no other-a place where great journeys can be made in a single generation...No matter who you are or where you come from, the path is always forward," Castro said.

He also addressed the differences between a Romney and an Obama presidency.

"We all understand that freedom isn't free. What Romney and Ryan don't understand is that neither is opportunity. We have to invest in it..... This is the choice before us. And to me, to my generation, and for all the generations that will come after us, our choice is clear. Our choice is a man who's always chosen us ….A man who already is our President , Barack Obama," said Castro.  


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