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Five 'healthy' foods that may not be



Many foods that you think have health benefits may hold hidden dangers for your diet.

5 songs that will get stuck in your head

man singing to music on headphones


Ever have a song that you just can't get out of your head? They're called "earworms" and we have a list of five of the all-time greatest.

Gross everyday facts you don't want to know

dishes stacking up in dirty kitchen

iStock / tlnors

Feeling comfortable in your own skin? We've gathered five gross everyday facts that could soon change that drastically.

Flash back to 5 best toys of the '80s

He-Man action figures on blue background

Mattel Image

Anybody who grew up in the '80s can tell you one of the best fringe benefits was all the great toys. But what were the decade's raddest toys?

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