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To be a black cat on Halloween

Black cat

Stuart Clark/CNN

This time of year especially, black cats can get a bad rap.

Dog returns home chewing on human bone

Leg bone, desert


An Atlanta man gets a shock when his dog returns home chewing on a human bone.

Sick tortoise swallowed turtle pendant, vet says

Turtle pendant inside tortoise

Dr. Don Harris/Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center

How's this for ironic? X-rays show a tortoise in Florida became sick after swallowing a pendant shaped like a turtle.

Firefighters rescue horse from swimming pool

Horse rescued from pool


Arizona firefighters weren't horsing around when they were called to an odd swimming pool rescue mission on Saturday.

China spends $1.5 billion pampering pets

FDA proposes pet food rules


It's the latest growth industry in China: pet lovers are spending billions pimping their pooches.

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Halloween: By the numbers

Halloween cupcakes


Shoppers will spend an estimated $7.4 billion on Halloween this year. Check out some other surprising numbers behind this ghoulish holiday.


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