Baltimore arrest cop

Baltimore riots: Looting, fires engulf city

Streets in Baltimore looked like a war zone early Tuesday after a night of riots, fires and heartbreak.

"Too many…

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FDA: Dog chews put puppies, humans at Salmonella risk

nylabone recall


Federal health officials said Monday that certain dog chews are being recalled over potential Salmonella contamination to pets and their owners.

X-ray of dog's stomach turns up 3 watches

Doberman eats watches

Courtesy MSPCA-Angell

You might call her a watchdog, because this Boston area Doberman really has a thing for timepieces.

Wiener dog rescued after 13 days

lucy the wiener dog


After spending almost two weeks trapped underneath a concrete slab, a miniature dachshund has been reunited with her owner. 

Cat nurses 4 newborn puppies

Cat dog sleeping


The survival of four newborn puppies found abandoned in Utah depends on the help of a mama cat.

Wedding ring found in dog poop

Mastiff puppy

Getty Images

A missing wedding ring turned up in extremely unusual circumstances in Alaska.

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How much some CEOs earn hourly

Starbucks logo

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Fight for $15 is a growing national protest movement that represents fast food workers' demand for higher wages. Take a look at what average restaurant and retail CEOs earn, broken down as if they got paid hourly.


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