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Rescuing the furry victims of Louisiana's floods

Dog being saved La

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Peanut Butter and her five puppies huddled under a porch for days as floodwaters rose in Livingston, Louisiana.

As the water level crept up, someone in a neighboring house heard the puppies whining.

It took breaking through the porch to rescue the fam...

Duke, a dog, wins third term as mayor

Cormorant Minnesota Mayor Duke


Nine-year-old Duke, a Great Pyrenees, handily won another one-year term as mayor of the small northwestern Minnesota town of Cormorant, Detroit Lakes Online reports.

Cat sees pack of pit bulls and protects home

Cat attacks pitbull

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Four-eared cat adopted

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

'Batman,' born with four ears due to a genetic condition, is adopted from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

Study: Female cats more attuned to kittens than males


John Nyberg/FreeImages.com

A new study shows that female cats respond differently to their kittens than male cats.

20 ultimate travel destinations

Machu Picchu

Caetano Lacerda/SXC

If you're yearning to get away but don't know which direction to head, check out the top 20 destinations selected by Lonely Planet for its "Ultimate Travelist" of the 500 best places to visit on Earth.

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