WFMZ reporters Hilary Lane and Rosa Duarte are reporters on the run! They're training for the Runner's World Half and Festival, a three-day running event that kicks off October 16th in Bethlehem. You can follow Rosa and Hilary as they train with Runner's World Chief Running Officer Bart Yasso. They'll be blogging and posting their training program, videos and photos along the way.

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Rosa Duarte


Hi peeps! - I'm Rosa Duarte and I'm training for my very first half marathon in October.

I'm looking forward to the challenge and I hope you're inspired to lace up and hit the trail with me!

Hilary Lane


Hi everyone. I'm Hilary Lane and I am training for the 10k race in October. I am new to the running scene, taking baby steps all along the way. I hope you will join me on this journey!

Updates from Rosa Duarte

Reporters on the run: Training put to the test

Reporters on the run Training put to the test

This weekend, Rosa Duarte and Hilary Lane -- our "reporters on the run" -- put months of training to the test.

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My first half marathon

I woke up around 5:45 on Sunday worried about what I was going to wear more than anything else. I'd never run in temperatures colder than 50 degrees, so how on earth was I going to be prepared for  30?!

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She's going for speed

When I first started training, Bart Yasso with Runner's World Magazine had me running for time. Then, he switched me over to running for distance. Now, I'm being challenged to increase my pace.

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I learned to hike before I could run

It's hard to believe race day is almost here.

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What to expect on race day

What to expect on race day

Chief Running Officer for Runner's World magazine, Bart Yasso, gives advice on how to look like a pro on race day

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Reporters on the run: Technology helps trainers

Reporters on the run Technology helps trainers

When it comes to training, technology can be your best friend, but only if you know how to use it.

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Updates from Hilary Lane

Reporters on the run: Training put to the test

Reporters on the run Training put to the test

This weekend, Rosa Duarte and Hilary Lane -- our "reporters on the run" -- put months of training to the test.

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Reporters on the run: Inspiration from a fellow runner

Reporters on the run Inspiration from a fellow runner

69 News

I've been running for quite a few weeks now, and sometimes I feel like I am running out of steam, both mentally and physically.

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Running on empty?

reporters on the run

It's tough to get in a good run when you're running on empty. That's why you not only have to train your legs, but your stomach, too.

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Continuing to exercise while taking a break from running

I've been on a running plan for eight weeks now and I have to be honest I'm feeling a little tired!

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Health News

Health Beat: Prostate cancer: New look at an old treatment

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among American men. Patients have several different treatment options, including two types of internal radiation therapy: low-dose rate brachytherapy or high-dose rate brachytherapy. Both involve having radioactive seeds implanted near the tumor. For years, very few patients took advantage of the high-dose option, but that may begin to change.

Health Beat: Toxins relax rigid muscles

Upper limb spasticity is a painful condition caused by extremely tight muscles the person cannot control. It's often a side-effect of stroke, neurological disease or brain injury. Now, a new type of toxin, similar to Botox, may provide relief.

Health Beat: Blue strip might treat Parkinson's

About 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease every year. It is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that can make daily activities difficult, but researchers are now trying out what looks like a breath strip of medicine that could make patients' lives easier.

Health Beat: MRI-guided radiation more precise

Doctors say a medical breakthrough in radiation delivery is ensuring they hit their tumor targets. It also means less toxicity to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Health Beat: Stem cells replace bone marrow transplants

Treatment of some blood cancers wipes out healthy blood cells. Stem cells, immature cells that become various blood cells, are needed to replenish them. That used to mean surgery to collect the cells from bone marrow, but there's now an easier way.

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Local Sports Stories

Oley captures huge win; Kutztown knocks off BC

Oley Valley Kutztown pick up big wins

The Oley Valley and Kutztown boy's soccer teams captured key divisional wins on Tuesday night.

Parkland girls stay perfect; Whitehall rolls at Liberty

Parkland Whitehall tally clean sheets Tuesday

Games are taking on more and more meaning as October playoffs approach. Parkland looked to maintain its control of the EPC Tuesday. The Liberty girls paid a visit to Whitehall in an EPC crossover game.

KU women's soccer becoming consistent power in PSAC

KU women s soccer developing into consistent PSAC power

Since taking over the program, Head Coach Erik Burstein has turned Kutztown into a perennial threat in the PSAC. This year is no different. Sam Marcinek has more on this year's Golden Bear squad.

Lafayette turning the page to conference play

Lafayette opens conference play against Holy Cross

Lafayette squared off with Villanova over the weekend and fell to the Wildcats in their first meeting in nearly 100 years. The Leopards, look to bounce back Saturday in their conference opener. 

Wyomissing football returns to field following rare bye

Wyomissing back home Friday after bye week

The Wyomissing team football is back in action Saturday coming off a rare bye week. The Spartans will host Valley Forge Military Academy looking to get above .500 for the first time this year.

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