Let's explore the many benefits to metal roofing:

  • No stripping required: Metal roofs can be installed over existing roofs such as asphalt shingled roofs. This saves labor costs on striping and removal and is also environmentally friendly, as the old roof shingles won't be tossed into a landfill.
  • No noise: Homes that are roofed with metal do not experience any more noise than conventional asphalt shingled roofs. This is because the metal roof shingles are installed over an existing roof or over another support system.
  • Recycled material: Metal shingles are made of a minimum of 28 percent recycled scrap metal material. All metal roof shingles are recyclable.
  • Energy efficient: Metal roofs remain cooler than other roofing types, thus keeping your home cooler which means lower energy bills for you! In fact, in really hot regions in the U.S., metal roofs are used to significantly decrease energy costs for cooling.
  • Tax credits: Because of their amazing energy saving capabilities, metal roofs are included in the Federal tax credits for home improvements. You can claim up to $1500 in tax credits for installing qualified, energy star approved metal roofs. Check out energystar.gov for more information
  • Insurance savings: The durability and over all excellence of metal roofing has been acknowledged in the insurance industry. As a result, homeowners with metal roofs have experienced a decrease in the cost of their homeowners insurance.
  • Warranty: Metal roofs always come with a 50 year (or more) warranty.
  • Fire rating: Metal roofs have the highest fire rating (Class A) as they are extremely durable and non-combustable. Metal roofs offer the MOST protection against fire of any roofing material.
  • No snow leaks: Snow is known for sliding off metal roofs when temperatures reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure to have your metal roof installed by a qualified roofer who has plenty experience in working with metal roofing.

Source: http://www.networx.com/article/metal-roofs