Two men are in the hospital in critical condition. The first has been there since August 21 after a severe accident on Route 222. The second is now in critical condition after trying to participate in a charity motorcycle run to raise money for the first.

"My cousin, Jeremy Gerhart, was involved in the accident on 222 on August 21, where his pickup truck had flipped and was hit by an 18-wheeler," said Jamie Schur.

Gerhart has been at Reading Hospital ever since.

"He improves daily, but he's still critical at this point," said Schur, who got stuck in traffic while heading to her cousin's motorcycle run benefit. "We didn't know what was going on. I got a phone call from somebody up ahead who said, 'Jamie, it's a motorcycle.' I ran from my car down Pricetown Road. By the time I got there, you couldn't really see anything."

Schur learned later that Keith Weand, a friend of Jeremy's, was hurt badly.

"The rider was joining us at Blind Hartman's [Tavern]," said Schur. "Apparently, he had stopped to turn in and a car did not stop and hit him from behind."

As of Monday morning, Weand was also in critical condition at Reading Hospital, Schur said.

"It was definitely not what we planned for yesterday. Quite a sad start," said Schur.

Despite the nasty accident, the Reading Motorcycle Club went ahead with the charity ride to help Gerhart by raising more than $13,000 for the Jeremy Gerhart Recovery Fund.

"Thankfully, the motorcycle guys still pulled together and continued the run and the benefit ended up being an extreme success," said Schur, who added that they are now praying for both Gerhart and Weand. "What Keith was doing for us was amazing. We just hope for a quick and speedy recovery for him at the same time."