Lean In: Book from Facebook COO makes waves for women

Lean In: Book from Facebook COO makes waves for women

You've heard of Facebook's CEO.

That's Mark Zuckerberg.

But what about the COO?

She's making waves with a new book that encourages women to "lean in" just like she did.

"I entered the workplace believing my generation was going to have responsibility and equal opportunity. And it didn't work out that way," said Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO.

In her new book, Sandberg is hoping to inspire women to talk about the career challenges they face and encourage them to be more aggressive, take more leadership roles and pursue goals sometimes set aside because of a lack of confidence.

"You can't use womanhood as any kind of excuse for anything," said Community Services for Children President and CEO Jane Ervin.

Ervin says she is glad Sandberg has re-energized the debate about women and the workplace.

"I predict that in the next ten years you are going to see a lot of women leaders across the world," said Ervin.

Ervin says that change will come when baby boomers retire and younger generations not bound by the social stigma of gender roles take their place.

She says when it comes to success no matter what your sex, confidence is key and mentoring essential.

At Cedar Crest College, the Women's Leadership Institute is helping women navigate the changing business climate while staying true to the qualities that are uniquely their own.

"Building confidence and helping women practice leadership in the right settings is an important aspect of learning to do this effectively," said Cedar Crest College President Carmen Twillie Ambar.

Ambar says she tells students that having a successful career means making good choices.

Including choosing a spouse or partner who shares their career goals and parenting styles.

"My philosophy is you can you everything. You can't do it by yourself.," said Ambar.
Cedar Crest's Women's Leadership Institute begins a new round of seminars April 18th.

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