Local Subway restaurant accepts digital currency

Local Subway restaurant accepts digital currency

SOUTH WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - Imagine not having to pull out your wallet to pay for something but rather grabbing your "digital wallet" instead.

That's the idea surrounding a global, digital currency called Bitcoin.

There's a Subway restaurant in South Whitehall Township accepting that form of payment. Sapan Shah is the owner of the Subway on Hamilton Boulevard and he's excited to offer the options to customers.

"I saw that other businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin and I thought it would be really cool if we could do it at our store," said Shah, who has been a fan of Bitcoin for years. "I'm actually a student at Lehigh doing my MBA and so I study business and I think the concept itself of having a global, international, digital currency is just fascinating."

He showed 69 News how it works when someone uses Bitcoin to pay. The cashier types in the amount of the transaction and the customer uses their cell phone to scan the restaurant's QR code.

"On our end we instantly get confirmation that we received this Bitcoin," said Shah.

Shah explained there are benefits for customers and businesses including no merchant fees and small transaction fees. Some supporters, he said, have driven two and three hours to use Bitcoin at his restaurant.

"The implications of it are huge in the fact that it can become a new currency," said Shah. "It's just like a digital currency rather than using cash. It's just fast, quick and easy."

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