Teva Pharmaceutical Industries says it'll close Bucks Co. plant in 2017

West Rockhill Twp. plant employs nearly 500 people

Teva closing Bucks County plant

WEST ROCKHILL TWP., Pa. - One Bucks County community is bracing for a big financial blow.

Teva Pharmaceutical has announced it's closing its plant in West Rockhill Township in 2017.

One local leader says the community will lose out on more than jobs.

The company just donated some land for a community walking trail\ and according to the township manager, Teva is a major sponsor of other community events as well.

As baseball players warm up at James Memorial Park in West Rockhill Township, Bucks County, news is spreading that Teva Pharmaceutical is closing.

The move will result in the loss of 472 jobs come 2017.

"It may affect families in sending their children to college or university," said Telford resident, Scott Nice. "It's certainly going to impact the local community as far as the municipalities and townships."

"My heart goes out to the families that are going to be impacted financially and the jobs lost, and just the impact on the community around here," added Greenlane resident, Dan McCauley.

In a written statement, a spokesperson for Teva wrote, "Teva is working with employees to ensure a smooth transition.  Some positions will transfer, and employees who are affected will be encouraged to apply for other jobs at Teva facilities..."

Some say the company has deeper ties to the community and closing will cause a ripple effect for years to come.

"They're a sponsor of our Septemberfest," said Greg Lippincott, West Rockhill Township manager. "They sponsor our trails. They're a good neighbor for the community. That's really where the biggest impact to the township will be felt.

There is also the tax dollars that are used to keep West Rockhill Township going.

Lippincott says the township will learn how to adjust without the money.

He just wants to find a way to keep Teva doing business in the township.

The first step, talk to the company.

"We're trying to arrange it through the Bucks County commissioners, the Bucks County Planning Commission and state Representative Clymers office," added Lippincott.

The township will lose earned income tax dollars and local services tax dollars.

Currently the local services tax for Teva brings in over $24,000 a year.

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