New Tile and Old Tile

If you do not have extras of the same tile, you can still proceed. The plan has changed a bit, but it's not the end of the world. Think of this as a design opportunity. Tile entryways often see more damage than other areas in a home; here, minor design changes can add a little style. Instead of replacing the broken tiles with identical tiles, get some different ones and create a pattern in one area to complement the rest of the space.

Knowing how to replace cracked or chipped tiles is a nice skill to have in your knowledge toolbox. You can do it the easy way with an exact match for tile and grout, or the more challenging way with new patterns and colors. If your tile trouble runs a bit deeper, however, with failed substrates or backers, then that fishing pole in the garage may see some use after all. After your relaxing day bringing in the catch, you will have the strength and willpower for that more involved "can-of-worms" project that may lie before you.