Austin Powers in Goldmember

No. 4: "Austin Powers in Goldmember" -- $213 Million

It's like when you're at a party and you are making people laugh. You're on a roll and think you can do no wrong. But do you quit while you're ahead? Noooooo. The recent success changes you, makes you cocky and you blurt out something that falls flat and unfunny. Wham! Now you're stuck leaving on a low note.

Enter Austin Powers. It seemed Mike Myers thought anything that entered his melon would be comic gold after having audiences in stitches in his previous movies. So he haphazardly threw it out there.

This was comic fool's gold, for "Goldmember." The main character wasn't funny and the same old figures from the previous films were retreads.

Viewers just had to watch and try to laugh at all the misses. But with $200 million-plus at the box office, maybe Myers got to let out some genuine guffaws.