Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace

No. 3: "Star Wars: Episode I" -- $431 Million

Yeah, yeah, "Star Wars" is untouchable, right? Um, no. Just because a film series is adopted as cultural lore doesn't mean it's every entry is golden -- it doesn't even mean they're necessarily good.

Movies that are a piece of a larger whole have the responsibility to make things interesting for the newbies. Sure, for those who were primed to eat out of George Lucas' hands -- the Star Wars fanatics -- this film was going to be a slam dunk.

But for everyone else, the first film in a trilogy of prequels lacked any endearing characters to follow. It was lifeless and boring. The best part was the big fish. And one can say all this before even mentioning Jar Jar Binks.

But hey, a history of success does apparently give gobbledy-gook films like this a pass -- to the tune of $431 million.