Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor

No. 2: "Pearl Harbor" -- $199 Million

Wow. OK, so pretend you're a surfer and a wave is coming. Either you catch it and ride it to shore in all its glory or you don't and you watch it drift to shore with a look of, "What the heck was that?"

Missing out on this cinematic wave left a lot of people on the outside looking askance at what was being lapped before them on the screen.

Oh, it had all the elements -- the love stories, the musical score, the fear of battle, the heroism. But if you don't "catch the wave," the drama is empty, lame and even laughable. There was nothing here to draw viewers in -- heck, there wasn't a wave to catch!

And you know what? The U.S. military kicked in funding for this movie. That means if you saw it, you paid for it twice.