National Lampoon's Vacation, Chevy Chase

No. 1: "National Lampoon's Vacation"

What is summer if not a time for a summer vacation? With that, we come to our No. 1 summer movie: "Vacation."

The flick is Chevy Chase's cinematic masterpiece -- the kind of movie you keep hoping the next Chevy Chase movie will be like, but then you realize you're watching "Cops and Robertsons."

The movie introduced us to a young Anthony Michael Hall, and showed us the crazy side of Randy Quaid, before he really became crazy -- or at least was formally charged by authorities.

The movie followed Clark Griswold as he aspired to take his family cross-country in the ultimate quest: visiting theme park Wally World.

While summer vacations rarely end up with Christie Brinkley driving next to you in a Ferrari convertible (and then joining you for a skinny dip), the movie was pure hilarity.