Charlie Gracie remembers Andy Williams as 'humble guy'

Pair reunited after Williams' 2003 concert at Sovereign Center in Reading

Published: Sep 26 2012 02:04:46 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 26 2012 05:58:16 PM EDT
Charlie Gracie and Andy Williams

A single song brought two men -- Charlie Gracie and Andy Williams -- together in 1957.

Gracie, a native of South Philadelphia, topped the American and British music charts that year with the release of "Butterfly."

Williams later covered the song, pushing him to the top of the national Billboard charts, as well.

Gracie and Williams' paths crossed a number of times over the years since 1957. One of their most recent encounters was backstage at the Sovereign Center in Reading on Dec. 12, 2003, after Williams appeared in concert.

"We got to spend a little time together in Reading, and it really showed, you know, how humble he was," Gracie said. "This guy had time for everybody. Came out, maybe 50 or 60 people in the room, went and said hello to everybody, had a little glass of wine with other people there. It was a very warm situation."

Gracie, who said he was saddened to learn of Williams' death, would go on to continue his own career in music. In fact, he's due to leave Wednesday night for England and another European music tour.