Brothers Kurtis and Kris Theorin make Civil War film for big screen debut

Montgomery Co. brothers get online help for short film

SCHWENKSVILLE, Pa. - It's lights, camera, action for one family in Montgomery County.

Two brothers are making their short film debut and the money for the flick was raised online.

The name of the movie is "Retreat."

"It's a 10-minute short film," said Kurtis Theorin, co-director and screen writer. "It's a psychological drama set during the Civil War."

The movie is the brain child of 20-year-old, Kurtis, and his 15-year-old brother Kris.

They are shooting scenes at Pennypacker Mills in Schwenksville, Montgomery County.

The duo started off making Lego movies on YouTube a few years ago and now they are taking a shot at the big screen.

"We were looking for a movie project to do over the summer and we decided this would be an interesting story to adapt to the screen," said Kurtis Theorin.

The story is written by another family member -- their brother Nik.

"It's pretty good to have the whole process in our family," said Kris Theorin, also a co-director. "With my mom helping to produce the whole thing, then me and my older brother directing it. Then my younger brother to write it."

As with any production, funding is an issue.

But thanks to an online campaign, "Retreat" not only met its goal, it exceeded it by $1,000.

"Thanks to very generous friends and family we were able to do that," added Kurtis Theorin. "Wouldn't be able to do this without them."

The guys raised money through a website, Kickstarter.

"It's very motivating to know that people are relying on you," said Kris Theorin.

Now with $4,000 in hand they have the money to finish the film and impress some actors along the way.

"I know a lot of friends who are older and they have been doing film for years and they still can't raise any money on Kickstarter or any indy go-go sites," said Danny Donnelly, an actor in the movie.

The movie, "Retreat" will premiere in September.

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