ArtsQuest offers 'Rock Star Photographer' class

ArtsQuest offers 'Rock Star Photographer' class

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - It's part of a class offered by ArtsQuest: a class on how to become a Rock Star Photographer.

While some people were standing in line waiting for the Foreigner and Styx concert at Musikfest, a group of seven were getting ready or a huge opportunity.

"I just think it's kinda fun," said Quakertown resident Madi Chadwick. "It's kind of a challenge to have to try and take pictures of different things you don't have control of, like how the people are up there moving around and stuff."

They are part of the "Be a Rock Star photography" class at Musikfest.

And for $200 they get to learn from some of the best.

"This gave me an opportunity to come out and get some good tips from an expert," said Michael Calluori from Bethlehem.

Each person learned about the conditions to expect, like lighting and what type of shots to get.

Then it was time to hit the streets on the south side of the festival to take the pictures and perfect their craft.

"I have a lot of good shots but maybe I would take 100 and 1 or 2 would come out good," added Calluori. "So I am hoping to make it a lot better."

After two hours of practice, the photographers finally get their big chance by taking photos of the headliners on the main stage at Musikfest.

"It's a dream come true for sure," said Calluori. "When I saw this opportunity, I said this is great."

"It's definitely an experience that not everybody gets," added Chadwick.

All say the goal is to get that once in a lifetime shot and show the day they got to hang out with rock stars.

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