Unique creations part of annual Taste of Hamburger Festival

Billed as the East Coast's premier hamburger event

Unique creations part of annual Taste of Hamburger Festival

HAMBURG, Pa. - The 11th annual Taste of Hamburger Festival is right around the corner, and vendors across Berks County are gearing up to serve a variety of tasty creations.

"Everyone who's there really puts on their thinking caps and has a creative version of a burger," said Mitchell Kriebel, co-owner and chef of the newly-launched food truck, "Gourmand."

For the first time ever, Kriebel and his team will offer a number of unique creations at the festival, set to run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday in downtown Hamburg.

On the menu is the "Pittsburger," the "Dutch Breakfast Burger" and their specialty, the "Berks Burger," topped with fried Lebanon bologna, cream cheese, apple butter and Good's potato chips.

"We're going to get there as early as possible and get everything prepared to be put out," said Kriebel, who will also offer "goat cheese truffle fries" and other sides.

Kriebel hopes to fully sell out during the jam-packed festival and is coming prepared with 120 pounds of beef to make up to 400 burgers.

"Whatever we can do to become a part of Berks County," he said.

Those interested in some of the festival's classics, like the "Luther" - a bacon cheeseburger served between a glazed doughnut - will also be pleased by the selection of returning burgers.

"This is our ninth year. I'm feeling very positive towards it," said DeitschEck owner and chef Steve Stetzler, who consistently sells out of the "Luther" and other popular specialty burgers each year.

"Last year, we did 1,500 and we sold out an hour and 15 minutes before the festival was over," said Stetzler, winner of the "People's Choice" award seven years in a row.

This year, he's coming prepared to serve 1,800 burgers, mainly "Luthers," a combination of salty and sweet.

"Our restaurant is closed that day because we need our entire staff there at the festival," he said.

In addition to a large selection of hamburgers, live music will be presented on four stages.

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