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Grace Kelly exhibit at Michener Art Museum

Grace Kelly exhibit at Michener Art Museum

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - A new exhibit in Bucks County is dedicated to the life and legacy of Grace Kelly.

The exhibit is called "From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly - Beyond the Icon" and it opens to the public Monday, October 28 at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown.

"It's been a yearlong arc of working with the Grimaldi Forum, which is the archive in Monaco, selecting the artifacts, writing her history and then installing the exhibit," said Lisa Tremper Hanover, Director and CEO of the Michener Museum.

"She's just so timeless," she said. "In whatever situation you see her in, whether she's an actress, in her marriage, in her motherhood, in her private time, she always carries herself with dignity and quite a sense of humor I might add."

The exhibit shows several of Prince Grace's outfits and personal items and even letters from her husband and an invitation to their wedding.

You can see the Oscar she won in 1955 for her role in "The Country Girl" along with the dress she wore to accept the award.

There are also pictures and videos, along with several quotes along the walls.

Prince Albert of Monaco is even coming to visit.

"It's pretty special. I think it's an endorsement of what we're doing and I also think that it adds a little glamour to the proceedings," said Tremper Hanover. "He's really proud and pleased that this exhibition is in the locus of the Kelly hometown."

Grace Kelly's legacy also lives on through the Princess Grace Foundation - USA.

"The foundation is a public charity that was established just after Princess Grace died to carry on her support of emerging artists in America," explained Toby Boshak, executive director of the Princess Grace Foundation - USA.

The foundation is giving out 24 awards and more than $1 million in grants this year to emerging artists.

"That award will help pay their tuition if they're in school or their salary if they're going to be employed by a company, say as a dancer or a set designer," said Boshak.

The exhibit at the James A. Michener Museum runs from October 28 through January 26. Bucks County tourism officials and the museum are anticipating 100,000 visitors.

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