Hell's Kitchen winner Christina Wilson cooks for cancer patient, friend

Hell's Kitchen winner cooks for cancer patient, friend

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - She cooked for notoriously tough chef Gordon Ramsey, but could she please her hometown crowd in Phillipsburg, New Jersey?

Monday evening "Hell's Kitchen" winner Christina Wilson came home, raising money for a longtime friend battling cancer.

At Bob Amey's house, the potatoes were mashing and the steaks were sizzling.

"She asked us what we wanted to eat, so she's coming over to make us dinner at the house," he said.

"She" is Christina Wilson -- the same Christina Wilson who recently won the national TV cooking competition "Hell's Kitchen."

"The show, it was brutal -- really brutal at times," she said.

So why is Wilson is here -- cooking dinner for her childhood friend? Because Amey is still recovering from leukemia.

"They told me I needed a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible," he said.

Amey got his transplant, but a year later, just as his first son arrived, he got devastating news.

"He was born in October, and my cancer came back in September," said Amey.

After making Amey's family dinner, Wilson turned her own going away party into a fundraiser for Amey, who had to give up his job as a Phillipsburg cop.

"This isn't going to last forever for me; I know that," Wilson said. "And so, while I have the spotlight, if I can get 100 people in the same room that are willing to pay $5, help out a childhood friend ... It's kind of like a no brainer to me."

Amey said he was humbled.

"We used to say when she was on the show, 'There's a certain fight in a P-burg person, you know?'" he said. "I'm fighting through the cancer, and she fought her way through the madness of that chef."

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