Snowboarders flying high in Easton

Easton hosts Red Bull Buttercup

EASTON, Pa. - Most of us may only have an inch or two of snow on the ground if you have any at all, but there's 170 feet of it in downtown Easton.

All that snow got trucked in for the Red Bull's Butter Cup Rail Jam.

100 snowboarders are competing -- not on a mountain, but right in the middle of downtown Easton.

At 28 years old, Matt McTaggart may as well be 90 in professional snowboarding years.

But someone brought him out of retirement.

"He's old!" said Miles Fallon.

That "someone" is a 10 year-old.

"You hoping to show him some moves today?," I asked.

 "Well, it's not the first time, so I guess so," Fallon said.

 "The student may surpass the master, Young Jedi," said McTaggart.

Matt and his protege are two of the 100 boarders hitting the ramp for the Red Bull Butter Cup Rail Jam.

It's unique because it's not held on a mountain, but in the middle of downtown Easton's Center Square.

"It's great weather for snowboarding," said Mayor Sal Panto.

Chilly weather and a few flakes -- finally -- made it feel like winter.  Still, all 80 tons of snow had to trucked in from the Poconos.

"We paid a lot of money to bring snow -- well, I didn't -- Red Bull did. Red Bull paid a lot of money to bring it down from Big Boulder," Panto said.

"They started making the snow a couple of weeks ago at Big Boulder, and they just stashed it away," said Drinky's Bar owner Greg Melhem.

Now in its second year, this year's event in a national qualifier for Red Bull's Butter Cup series.

"Really raised the bar, really raised the bar," Panto said.

Matt McTaggart is already feeling the pressure!

Organizers expected up to 8,000 fans here tonight.

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