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Easton play inspired by real life radio contest

Easton play inspired by real life radio contest

EASTON, Pa. - A trip to the theater may turn into a trip down memory lane for people who attend an upcoming play in Easton.

Zeke Zelker created "The Great WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contest Live!" which will be performed November 7th at the State Theatre in Easton.

"The play that we're doing, which is also going to turn into a web series, is life on a billboard, like imagine being trapped on a catwalk ten feet in
the air, that's ten feet wide by 40 feet long and you're with the same three people all the time," he said. "It's four people who live on a billboard until one survives to win a mobile home and 'nine-sixty' thousand dollars."

"It's a lot of things about human relationships, about space, about survival," he added.

Zelker was inspired by a real radio contest in the 1980s in Whitehall Township when contestants lived on a billboard for months. His play is set in modern day but he remembers seeing the real thing as a child.

He said, "I remember literally thinking, 'could I do that and how long could I live up there?' and that's kind of like been the real root of all this stuff and what would I do to entertain myself?"

Audience members can even get involved in the play.

"It's not only a play, it's more so of an experience where the audience can actually interact with the characters via social media, the characters will also tweet back and so forth and that interaction with the audience can also change the outcome," Zelker explained.

The play is November 7th at 7:30 p.m. at the State Theatre in Easton. You can buy tickets at or call the box office at (610) 252-3132. Tickets are $19.60 and $9.60 for students.

"This is actually acting as a companion piece for the feature film that we'll be shooting next year," said Zelker. "Billboard an Uncommon Contest for Common People!" is the name of the movie.

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