Zombies invading Lehigh Valley

Zombies invading Lehigh Valley

ELDRED TWP., Pa. - It's lights, camera, zombies, right here in our area!

A new horror flick set to hit the big screen in 2014 is being filmed in Monroe County.

The zombies didn't pop out of the ground like in the Thriller music video.

They did volunteer to be here on the set in Eldred Township, Monroe county.

"It's pretty awesome," said Saylorsburg resident and extra, John Stewart. "A lot of people look really awesome."

"The make-up is cool," added 7-year-old Mary Warmagiris. "It's really cool and creepy."

Cool make-up that took three hours for some, and a lot of innovation by make-up artists.

"I found a jaw bone and covered it with gelatin and then built it up with a bunch of transfers around it," said Angie Johnson, head of make-up and special effects.

The result, a zombie that looks like her jaw is hanging off.

The film is Zombie Killers, Elephant's Graveyard.

The movie is the brainchild of an Allentown real estate developer.

Former Pleasant Valley High School teacher, now director, Bruce Harrison Smith is taking it from there.

"He had an idea, I wrote the script out and we went from there," said Smith, who also wrote and is producing the film.

The crew has to make sure every shot is perfect because there's not a big budget.

"We'll say this is way under a million dollars," added Brian Gallagher, another producer on the film. "I can't give exact numbers but it's well under a million and it's over one hundred thousand."

Then it was literally all zombie hands on deck.

Some not knowing when to stop the attack.

Don't let the lack of a Hollywood budget fool you.

Bruce Harrison Smith has directed three major films and just signed a major production deal.

"I couldn't be happier," said Smith. "It's really run very well, almost deceptively well."

The movie will star Billy Zane, Mischa Barton and Dee Wallace.

It's expected to be released in 2014.

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