Bristol, CT (WFSB) -

In the middle of the night, a Connecticut farm was the target of a corn heist.

One of the owners of Green Acres Farm in Bristol, Connecticut, said $1,200 worth of corn was plucked from the field, and now the search is on for the corn thieves.

The farmers said their trust has been violated. Many times they have set up their farm stand loaded with corn for the public to take, and pay by putting some money in a locked box.

One of the owners said he has dedicated his life to growing corn, and for decades he has been working on Green Acres Farm and said he has never had something like this corn heist happen.

The owners said 20 rows, or 200 dozen cobs were gone in a matter of hours.

"When we went picking to fill our stand, it was all gone," Whit Betts, one of the Green Acres Farm owners, said.

The thieves also knew exactly what they were doing, knowing how to rip the corn correctly.

"You'll see the tire tracks up there, they drove around the fields," Betts added.

The farmers said the thieves have only a few days to resell the corn before it goes bad.

While the farmers are shocked, the community is hurt. The area of Bristol where Green Acres Farm is located is quiet, and things are done on the honor system.

Farmers and longtime customers said with acres of corn still readily available, it's not really the money but the core values that have taken the biggest hit.

"There's no point in chasing something when you don't know what you're going after. It's happened, it's over with, you just take some vigilant steps to make sure it doesn't happen again," Betts said.

Customers should not be worried about getting their hands on the farm's famous candy corn, since that was not stolen and will be ready by the middle of the month.

Extra security and patrols will be put in place to make sure the corn thieves do not return.