“With hundreds of members nationwide, El Grupo Juvenil was undoubtedly an exciting introduction to the film industry and may ultimately prove to be a launching pad for future film professionals,” said Dr. Harry Serio, co-chair of the Initiative.

According to Tom McMahon, GRIP representative and former mayor, “Berks County has a large Latino youth population, some of whom face the same challenges as the students in the film. We believe it is important to screen the film so people have a better understanding of the impact current immigration laws have on our community.”

For further info: facebook.com/BerksArts4You               facebook.com/ImmigrationProject 



Mock Turtle Marionette Theatre, under the puppetry and direction of Doug Roysdon, will present an original puppet play, “The Morningtime of Now,” beginning tonight at 8 and running through Monday at the Charles A. Brown IceHouse, 56 River St., Sand Island, Bethlehem.

The play is based on the diary of Opal Whiteley, with original music by Michael Smith. Also involved are Anne Hills, Kayla Prestel, Jay Ansill and the 2013-14 Touchstone Theatre apprentices. More than 30 puppets make up the cast.

According to the play description, “In 1920, America was enthralled by the nature writings of a precocious six-year-old girl, Opal Whiteley. Nearly 100 years later, her stories are captured in puppetry and her poetry in song. She takes us to a transformative place – the Blue Hills.

For further info: mockturtle.org