Coroner called to Allentown fire

Death investigation underway in Allentown

A joint investigation is underway in Allentown between the police and fire departments.

Matters Of The Heart: Road To Recovery - BLOG
WFMZ-TV reporter/anchor, Melanie Falcon, talks about her symptoms leading up to heart surgery in her new blog, "Matters Of The Heart: Road To Recovery". Click on a entry's title or photo to read more.

Melanie's blog entry #5: Feeling 'more like my old self every day'

Visit with Melanie Falcon

Melanie discusses her recovery from open heart surgery during a visit from WFMZ's Jim Vaughn and Mark Shanaberger.

Melanie's blog entry #4: Starting to Feel Normal Again


It has now been nearly six weeks since I had open heart surgery and I'm feeling better every day. There were times right after the surgery where I didn't think I'd ever feel anywhere near normal again, but slowly I've gotten stronger and am getting my energy back. There are even moments where I almost forget I had the surgery, but other moments where something will hurt or I can't do something that are stark reminders that I did.

Melanie's blog entry #3: Homecoming: Let the Recovery Begin

WFMZ-TV's Melanie Falcon continues recovery after open heart surgery.

It was six days after my open heart surgery and getting to go home was an exciting prospect.  It meant I was healing, making progress, getting better, and at the time most excitingly, it meant my own bed.  However, not exciting and rather scary, was the realization that I'd be on my own. 

Melanie's blog entry #2: Heart Pillows and Medical Mysteries

WFMZ-TV's Melanie Falcon in the recovery room following open heart surgery.

I was in and out of consciousness on Monday, the day after open heart surgery. Still waking up from the anesthesia, I have flashes of memories; my dad and aunt sitting in the room, my mom being by my side, my fiancé and his family watching over me.

Melanie's blog entry #1: Just a fever...or something else?

WFMZ-TV's Melanie Falcon reports following Hurricane Sandy

WFMZ-TV reporter/anchor, Melanie Falcon, talks about her symptoms leading up to heart surgery in her new blog, "Matters Of The Heart: Road To Recovery".


Recipes From The Kitchen

Food Truck Mondays: Uncle Paul's Stuffed Pretzels

Food Truck Mondays Uncle Paul s Stuffed Pretzels

Today husband and wife Michael and Katie Meyer, owners of Uncle Paul's Stuffed Pretzels stopped by Hamilton Blvd. across the street from Macungie Crossing to deliver their take on the stuffed pretzel.

Sunrise Chef: Blue Mountain Catering

Sunrise Chef Blue Mountain Resort Catering

It's time to head to kitchen, where this morning we are welcoming in Blue Mountain Resort Catering.

Catering Chef James Downing, Banquet Chef Lou Basta and Marketing Specialist Melissa Yingling joined the Sunrise Team to give us a taste of what they are coking up.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Maria Maslin

Singer/songwriter Maria Maslin joins us LIVE to preview her new EP!

Music Monday: Viktorija Gecyte with Go Trio

Music Monday Viktorija Gecyte with Go Trio

Music Monday: Viktorija Gecyte with Go Trio

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