Time Bomb Allentown Gas Explosion Trailer

Time Bomb: Allentown Gas Explosion [Promo/Trailer]

Airing: Sunday 2/26/2012 at 6:30pm on WFMZ-TV 69.1

Jaccii Farris interview

Reporter Jaccii Farris talks about making the documentary

Reporter Jaccii Farris talks about making the documentary.

Cameras gave dispatchers up-close look at explosion's devastation

Allentown is marking the first anniversary of a gas explosion that killed five people.

Cross at explosion scene

Gas explosion victims look back, remember horrors

Thursday marks the first anniversary of a gas explosion that claimed five lives and left five families without their homes.

Allentown gas explosion

Survivors of deadly explosion prepare for first anniversary

Nearly one year ago, life as they knew it changed forever for residents of one Allentown neighborhood.


Jaccii Farris, Docujournalist / WFMZ-TV

Allentown gas explosion blog - Jaccii Farris, Docujournalist

Making a documentary on any subject is a difficult task, as I've come to learn firsthand over the past few years.

Will Lewis, Reporter

Allentown gas explosion blog - Will Lewis, reporter

February 9, 2011 is a night that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Jamasyn Hyde, assignment manager

Allentown gas explosion blog - Jamasyn Hyde, assignment manager

After 8 years on the Assignment Desk at WFMZ, the chaos of handling breaking news situations has in some sense become robotic. 

Jamie Peter

Jamie Peter, Assignment Editor / WFMZ-TV

Allentown gas explosion blog - Jamie Peter, assignment editor

The 69 News Berks Edition was just about over.  I was finishing up work for our website and anticipating leaving work in 45 minutes - that's when I heard police scanner reports for a fire in Allentown.


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