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One Tank Trip: Big Pocono State Park

One Tank Trip: Big Pocono State Park

Most leaves on the trees are seeing their final few days so before they are gone for the winter, you might want to take a fall foliage drive through Monroe County.

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder trees start showing their true colors.

"The colors that are really always there, the yellows, the red, the orange starts coming through," said Wesley Keller of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry.

In his crash course version of the science of "autumn," Keller explains where the green has gone.

"Chlorophyll is the overwhelming pigment in the leaf in the summer and the spring so without it being produced the other colors start shining through," said Keller.

And Pennsylvania has the highlights.

The Poconos are known for captivating colors this time of year.

With three color zones in the region there are plenty of viewing spots to choose from.
In the Pocono region alone, there are 100,000 acres plus of public lands to come view the fall colors.

Monroe County's Big Pocono State Park has just a little over 1300 acres.

The slopes are part of Camelback Mountain and the sights from the summit in the fall are a show stopper. From there you can see parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

The sweeping views are pretty remarkable but if you want to see the individual leaves then just bring along a quarter. There are viewfinders set up and for 25 cents, you can get a close up look.

Fall foliage came to the Keystone State a little early this year so to catch colors at their peak so you need to head out soon.

The leaves won't stick around for much longer and trees will be baring it all.

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