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One Tank Trip: Civil War Road Show

EASTON, Pa. - The big top goes up when the circus comes to town, so what happens when the Civil War arrives?

A trailer expands.

"It goes from eight foot wide to 24 foot wide," said John Seitter, project manager for Pa. Civil War 150, which is a traveling road show housed in an expandable trailer that, from now until 2014, plans to visit all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

We caught up with the show when it made a stop in Easton.

"It's really a side of the Civil War that a lot of people don't know about, and that's the home front," said Seitter.

One story at a time, you'll learn how the war impacted men, women and children.

It's an immersion experience, one that covers almost all the senses.

All the stories you hear might inspire you to tell one of your own, and you can do that in the story booth.

It's all set up with a web cam, and it even tells you where to look. In 90 seconds, you can share what the Civil War means to you.

Planners waited a long time to hear these stories. The road show has been in the making for the past six years.

It will spend the next three on a journey to find even more.

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