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One Tank Trip: Cleopatra Exhibit

One Tank Trip: Cleopatra Exhibit

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - She's one of the most famous women in world history but much of what we know about Cleopatra has been based on fiction. Now, thanks to science, the mystery of her life is unraveling and you can hear her story at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The truth has been buried in the sand and under the sea for centuries. Long ago, critics of Cleopatra hoped to erase her from history.

But what was lost, has been found.

"For most people, Cleopatra is a mythical person," said Troy Collins of The Franklin Institute, "but here we take myth and turn it into true living history.

"Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt" is making its world debut at The Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia.

"The exhibition really follows the storyline of Cleopatra, who was an amazing woman," said Collins. "She was intelligent, she was multilingual, she was a leader, she was a warrior, she formed political alliances."

An audio tour is your guide, and Cleopatra in her own words will explain how Dr. Zahi Hawass and Franck Goddio are leading searches for more proof of her existence, and since much of the proof was recovered in underwater cities, you'll feel as if you're floating from artifact to artifact.

You would have to travel all the way to Egypt to get this kind of access to the last queen. This exhibit is quite a coup for the Franklin Institute, it's the first time in the world that anyone has seen what you can see here.

There is a sample of papyrus, an executive order in Cleopatra's own writing, granting tax relief to a friend of Mark Antony's.

Collins said artifacts are still being sought. "The search is still going on. Franck Goddio's team is diving underwater. Zahi Hawass' team is digging at the Temple, and who knows what we might find before the exhibition ends."

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