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One Tank Trip: Eddie's Toy Museum & Store

SCIOTA, Pa. - Most people get rid of their toys as they grow up, but Eddie Stanat held on to his first toy and added a whole lot more.

"This is just my own little creation in life," said Stanat. "I just love toys."

And with more than 21,000 pieces in his collection, love may be an understatement.

Eddie's Toy Museum and Store is in Sciota, Monroe County.

There are no doubles on the shelves and Eddie placed each toy in the museum himself. It's all carefully catalogued and part of his collection.

Guaranteed, you will find a toy you used to play with.

Even Eddie can't pick a favorite.

"They're all beautiful, to me they are, and the people that come in they can't pick one either," said Stanat, whose first toy was a Hubley truck he got as a young boy from his father. He's kept it ever since.

You'll find yourself searching for your own first toy, or perhaps one you are drawn to, even embarrassingly so as an adult.

Most of the time, what you find in a museum is in mint condition. But some of the toys here show signs of wear.

They are toys that served their purpose because they were played with.

It's part of the charm. And for the past seven years, Eddie's been happy to share them with you.

Eddie's Toy Museum and Store is located at 1 Fenner Avenue in Sciota, Pa. It's open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. You can call 570-402-0243 for more information.

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