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One Tank Trip: George Nakashima...Woodworker

After career day, Karin and Patrick set out on the road on another One Tank Trip. And this time, they found a spot where a world-renowned woodworker perfected his craft. WFMZ's Karin Mallett has this week's One Tank Trip. sb>> REPORTER: Believing that nature with its own beauty is more breathtaking than anything we can create.. George Nakashima made a living doing what he loved. >>Mira Nakashima-Yarnall: He said it was genetically determined (laughs). sb>> REPORTER: Nakashima was a woodworker, architect and furniture maker, designing pieces from 1940 until his death in 1990. His work gaining international acclaim. Daughter Mira is now in care of his legacy. >> I think dad pretty much invented the free form table tops in the 1940s and back then they had what was called free form but it was usually a man made form. sb>> REPORTER: But Nakashima decided why tamper with nature. And by supervising the milling process- he realized he could take advantage of the shape of the trees and use them as an integral part of the design. >> He designed all the gardens here as well as the buildings, he was an architect before he was a furniture maker. sb>> REPORTER: 15 buildings on 9 acres in Solebury Township- Bucks County. There's a studio, showroom and finishing room, open to the public on Saturdays. This is also the place Nakashima called home. >> He felt that your work should be integrated with your life not separated from it as most of us do, so he always worked where he lived. >> A lot of the wood used in production here is local- coming from all different parts of Pennsylvania. But there's no limit to what Mother Nature creates. Take this piece, which will eventually be a dining table, coming all the way from England. >> It's kind of amazing that people would have paid 25 dollars for a chair back in the 40s or something and now it gets $25,000. sb>> REPORTER: Vintage Nakashima, a collectors item. Pieces that keep nature close an part of our everyday lives. Woodworking on a One Tank Trip to Bucks County- Karin Mallett, 69 News- Berks Edition. website: One-way distance: 81 miles One-way time: 1 hour 35 minutes original airdate: 4/23/2008

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