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One Tank Trip: Green Lane Park

When was the last time you spent the day in the park? We are surrounded by some beautiful spaces... And it doesn't take too much gas to get to them.

Wfmz's karin mallett takes us to green lane park in montgomery county... tonight's one tank trip...

Reporte it's the kind of place you want to stay awhile.

Reporter: seems folks have always gravitated to the water here.

Rex saul: foreman: this was always known when i was a kid as county park, it was the park, it's where we came..

Reporter: it's now known as green lane park.. Spans three townships in montgomery county... And the people? They still come..

Mark shope, park supervisor: i'm sure we have well over 100,000 people who come here.

Reporter: but before it was used for lounging about.. The lake was all about business. It was the ice age.. Not when the glaciers moved.. But in the early 1900s when ice houses storedhuge cubes of ice that were plucked from the creek.

Saul: this was supposed to be the purist water that they could find around. The ice was harvested here, put on railroad cars and taken down to philadelphia. It was very popular.. But the death.. Of course of the ice industry was the refridgerator.

Reporter: it was not however.. The death of green lane park.

Reporter: in the 1950s.. An even bigger dam was built when philadelphia turned from the schuylkill to another source for its water supply. More than 700 acres of forest, farmland, homes and mills in the valley were flooded.. Today, the dam holds back more than 4 billion gallons of water...

Standup: some of us are still drinking the water. Aqua pennsylvania still uses the supply for drinking water and wastewater treatment for about 3 million people in 13 states.

Shope: the fishing is really good in there..

Reporter: it certainly didn't take this guy long.. But even if it did.. It's the kind of place where you don't mind waiting. Walking along the water on a one tank trip to green lane park in montgomery county, karin mallett 69 news.

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