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One Tank Trip: Intercourse Pretzel Factory

One Tank Trip: Intercourse Pretzel Factory

INTERCOURSE, Pa. - There's nothing quite like a fresh baked pretzel, and there's no shortage of them around here.

When you know your dough, twisting pretzels is big business, even for the smallest of factories.

The Intercourse Pretzel Factory in Lancaster County churns out 100 pounds of pretzels a day.

Owner Donna Clark said 75 percent of the pretzels made in the United States are made within 100 miles of the factory, and we eat about 80 percent of them in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Clark said she came by the pretzel business by accident. She decided to give pretzel-making a try when a deal fell through for another pretzel company to move into the factory spot 17 years ago.

Her no-nonsense recipes from scratch were a hit.

"I saw the trend coming, so we made a plain, cheese, herb and brown butter from the beginning," said Clark.

The factory offers free tours to the public, and you'll get to twist your own pretzel.

You'll learn the technique from one of the fastest pretzel twisters in town.

An employee holds the record, twisting 21 pretzels in one minute.

As far as she knows, Clark said hers is one of only seven companies left that still twist pretzels by hand.

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