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One Tank Trip

One Tank Trip: Jerry's Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum

One Tank Trip: Jerry's Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum

Most cars are built to get us from point a to point b... But there was a time, not long ago, when they made a statement.

Automobiles of the 50s and 60s usually have quite a story to tell.. Wfmz's karin mallett takes us back to beehives and bobby socks... tonight's one tank trip.

Reporter: anywhere usa.. Circa 1955..

Jerry enders: you would drive down the street, and you'd see your neighbor and you know, there's harry with his new buick.

Reporter: those four wheels were like a part of the family. It's a reunion of sorts at jerry's classic cars & collectibles museum in pottsville, schuylkill county.

Enders: the atlantic gas station is where i worked as a kid.

Reporter: as owner jerry enders says.. The memories.. Are in the details..

Enders: even to the little door that says private that the owner kept his supplies in.

Standup: why didn't i wear my poodle skirt? You can slide right into one of the booths and grab a milkshake. As jerry reminds us.. It was a different kind of living back then.

Enders: nobody had a lot of money but everybody had a lot of fun.

Reporter: the museum is home to 15 classic cars and more than 20,000 items as interest.. And none of it was planned.

Enders: we never intended to build a museum..

Reporter: a life long lover of cars.. Jerry just wanted a place to store his collection. Not knowing at the time that the place he'd pick on south centre street.. Was an old studebaker dealership.

Enders: we found some writing on the ceilings and walls and i was wondering why it said "did you have your brakes checked, did you have your radiator thoroughly flushed?"

Reporter: enter this 1951 studebaker and a friend of jerry's who told him.. This place looks like a museum... And the idea was born.

Enders: the downstairs is impressive but the upstairs is so much fun. People go up there and we have to check on them an hour later.

Reporter: they're reveling in the memories of an old-fashioned kitchen, soda fountain, drive-in theater and a band stand.

Enders: so many memories and that's what they leave with.. Memories.

Reporter: making a few of my own on a one tank trip to jerry's classic cars & collectibles museum in schuylkill county, karin mallett 69 news.

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