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One Tank Trip

One Tank Trip: Moneyville at the Reading Public Museum

One Tank Trip: Moneyville at the Reading Public Museum

WEST READING, Pa. - Perhaps one of the last places you would think of going to learn how to manage your finances would be a museum but that's exactly what you can do at this week's One Tank Trip destination.

Moneyville is at the Reading Public Museum.

Money doesn't do you much good if you don't know what to do with it.

"When you think about everything that we try and educate kids about it's all for naught if they don't understand credit card debt, how to invest their money," said Museum director and CEO John Smith.

They might, if you send them to Moneyville.

The Reading Public Museum's newest exhibit with a focus on financial literacy.
I'm addicted to the lemonade stand game.

From a lemonade stand to the stock market you or your kids will discover how money is made, spent, earned and saved.

The exhibit spans two floors and features more than 15 interactive components, there's a credit union and a grocery store. You can try balancing the budget and you'll soon realize that second home could put you over the edge.

At Moneyville's center, like a town clock tower, is a stack of a million dollars.

"In real United States currency," said Smith. "It's pretty cool. We have added security on the ground just for that."

You can also make your own money with your face on the bill then find out if it's fake over at the anti-counterfeiting lab.

Moneyville makes money accessible while teaching the power of saving.

We call it ninja education because you're learning while you're playing and having a good time.

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