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One Tank Trip: New Grounds Roasting Company

One Tank Trip: New Grounds Roasting Company

YORK, Pa. - You won't have any problems staying awake on a tour in York County. There's one in downtown York that has a built in pick-me-up.

At New Grounds Roasting Company on West Market Street, you can order a cup of "Joe" and an experience along with it.

"We love being able to impart just a little bit of the artistic side, the romantic side of what coffee is," explained barista-turned-tour guide Micah Heckert.

It's a love affair that begins when the coffee beans arrive. They come in from 17 regions around the world.

The building is more than 100-years-old and used to be a commercial laundry facility. The place houses a big red roaster now.  

Before they're roasted, the beans are tiny and green.

They were roasting a Mexican bean during our visit. It's a light roast, so the process takes just a little more than 10 minutes.  

There are cues along the way that it's going well. You can actually hear the beans crackling. The beans are expanding and growing.

After they've been roasted, the beans will rest for at least a day. The bean's peak flavor profile comes in about 36 to 48 hours. 

"There's absolutely an art to it but the nice things about coffee is that it's pretty subjective," Heckert said.

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