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One Tank Trip: Spring Mountain Adventures

One Tank Trip: Spring Mountain Adventures

SCHWENKSVILLE, Pa. - You'll need pants, closed-toed shoes and an adventurous spirit to take the chair lift up to the top of Spring Mountain.

Then instead of skis, you'll need a harness to take the ride of your life.

"You can go upside down, you don't have to hold on, you can go no hands," said Rick Buckman, owner of Spring Mountain Adventures.

You'll see it all flying through the tree tops here at Spring Mountain Adventures outside Schwenksville, Montgomery County.

In 2006, this was the first ski resort in the country to offer a canopy tour.

The plan was a success and pretty soon, other resorts started following suit.

For years, canopy tours have been a way for scientists to get around rain forests.

Researchers could move between trees without returning to the ground and when they realized people would pay to go along, it was good business.

The first zip line you'll encounter on the canopy tour at Spring Mountain Adventures is the lowest and the slowest at just 20 feet off the ground.

They'll get higher as you move through the course.

You can embrace your inner Indiana Jones on seven zip lines, four rope challenges you have to cross and two rappels.

You can also race each other up the cargo climb.

Along the way, you'll hit speeds of up to 45 miles an hour.

"We want people to be out of their comfort zone but feel safe at the same time," Buckman said.

"It's good for character building or whatever you want to call it. And when you're done you do feel like you accomplished something."

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