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A local arboretum is branching out to find a new way for you to connect with the trees. WFMZ's Karin Mallett is going out on a limb in this week's One Tank Trip to the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. >> REPORTER: Up in the treetops, far above the forest floor, you'll be surrounded by tulips, black gums, and beech. >>PAUL MEYER: This is chestnut oak and we know that this dates back to about 1760 so this is one of the oldest trees on the property. >> REPORTER: And will likely be here long after we're gone. It's the centerpiece of Tree Adventure here at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. A tube shaped trellis leads the way to a canopy walk for you to wander. >>MEYER: I've loved trees since I was a kid and as I was growing up, I spent a lot of time climbing trees, sitting in trees, building tree houses. >> REPORTER: And this one's big enough to fit all your friends.. and then some. Bring your binoculars.. or try out theirs.. At the highest point you're 50 feet off the ground.. and since you're up here.. you might as well stay awhile. You can lounge around at the Squirrel Scramble. >> MEYER: We hope people will look down and look at the community on the forest floor but also to use it like a hammock and look up and see what's happening in the very tops of the trees. >> REPORTER: Here it is from our photographer Patrick's point of view.. >> MEYER: We originally thought that the kids would enjoy it but what's been especially rewarding is we're seeing the adults are having as much fun as the kids. >> REPORTER: The tree house doesn't just give you a spectacular view of the forest.. but really a new perspective that will change what you hear. These mega earphones let you listen to the trees. >> MEYER: The birds, right now the cicadas are very strong, the crickets in the evening. >> REPORTER: On the other side you'll find the home of those who live in the trees.. a human size Bird's Nest. >> MEYER: Notice how there are many windows here so you can.. even little people can peek out and bigger people can peek out. >> REPORTER: Complete with baby blue robin's eggs almost ready to hatch. The hope is that by the time you're back on the ground you'll remember why we need the trees and why they need us. Going out on a limb at the Tree Adventure at the Morris Arboretum, Karin Mallett 69 News Berks Edition. One-way time from downtown Reading: One hour One-way distance from downtown Reading: 55 miles

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