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One Tank Trip: Turkey Hill Experience

COLUMBIA, Pa. - One way to cool down is to delve into a big bowl of ice cream.

There are at least 26 flavors to choose from at the new Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, Lancaster County.

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The new attraction is a behind-the-scenes look at the nation's fourth largest ice cream maker. Turkey Hill is number one in refrigerated iced teas.

"People just really seem to connect with the brand," said Ashley Pluta, public relations coordinator for Turkey Hill. "We have a great following and we have Facebook, Twitter pages."

Fans have their favorite. The biggest seller is always vanilla and nine hands-on exhibits explain the phenomenon.

The Turkey Hill Experience is housed in what was an old abandoned silk mill.

"Part of the reason we opened up this Experience was because people wanted to look into the dairy and see how ice cream was made," said Pluta.

You'll also learn how it all began.

In 1931, the Turkey Hill brand was born when Armor Frey delivered a quart of milk to a family in Columbia. Eighty years later, and in the same town, that history is ready for you to explore.

Besides ice cream, you can also learn about Turkey Hill's teas. You can lounge on bean bags and dream about cold-fashioned refreshment.

All the subliminal marketing must work because, by the end of the tour, you're hoping for some samples and you won't be disappointed.

If you go: The Turkey Hill Experience is located at 301 Linden Street, Columbia, Pa. 17512.

Admission to the paid area of the Experience is $11.50 for ages 18 to 61; $9.50 for ages 5 to 17 and ages 62 and up; and free for children 4 and under.

Turkey Hill suggests allowing at least an hour to enjoy the self-guided Experience.

SLIDESHOW:The Turkey Hill ExperienceBLOG:One Tank Trip To Turkey Hill Experience

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