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One Tank Trip: Curious George exhibit

One Tank Trip Curious George exhibit

You know him as the monkey who's always with the man in the yellow hat.

One Tank Trip: Reading Area Firefighters Museum

One Tank Trip Reading Area Firefighters Museum

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

They run in when you run out. The sacrifice, traditions and history run deep, and Pennsylvania is home to the first.

One Tank Trip: Harley Hill Farm

Harley Hill Farm alpacas

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

Up on Harley Hill, a few dozen alpacas roam, and Bill and Lori Orashin get to watch over it all.

One Tank Trip: Claussville one-room schoolhouse

One Tank Trip Claussville one-room schoolhouse

The school bell is loud enough to get your attention.

One Tank Trip: Carbon County Environmental Education Center

One Tank Trip Carbon County Environmental Education Center

You can take a walk, a self-guided tour, on the elevated boardwalk trail at the Carbon County Environmental Education Center in Summit Hill, Pa.

One Tank Trip: Reading Public Museum

One Tank Trip Reading Public Museum

At the Louvre in Paris, catching a glimpse of Mona Lisa can take hours. The painting is behind bulletproof glass and raised up high. Here in Berks County there are no lines and you can be eye to eye

One Tank Trip: Glencairn Museum

One Tank Trip Glencairn Museum

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

A castle on a hill, 20th century medieval-style, is an elaborate structure standing tall in Bryn Athyn.

One Tank Trip: Grounds for Sculpture

One Tank Trip Grounds for Sculpture

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

There's a layout, but not one you have to follow. There are paths, but you can carve out your own.

One Tank Trip: Blue Rocks boulder field

One Tank Trip Blue Rocks boulder field

Gregory Didyoung/69 News

One foot in front of the other. Once you get the hang of the natural landscape, look up to take it all in. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of rocks about 350 million years old.

One Tank Trip: Munchkin Railway

One Tank Trip Munchkin Railway

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

You don't need a ticket, but it takes a little effort to get you where you're going.

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One Tank Trip: Pennsylvania Turnpike exhibit

One Tank Trip Pennsylvania Turnpike exhibit

Patrick Manwiller/69 News


Seventy-five years ago, cars lined up to drive along the nation's first superhighway.

One Tank Trip: Pennsylvania Veterans Museum

One Tank Trip Pennsylvania Veterans Museum

Patrick Manwiller/69 News


On Veterans Day, it's a good idea to not only thank veterans for their service but to learn something about it.

One Tank Trip: Covered bridge tour

One Tank Trip Covered bridge tour

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

There are 200 covered bridges left in Pennsylvania, and about a dozen of them are located in Bucks County.

One Tank Trip: Mum Mountain

One Tank Trip Mum Mountain

Patrick Manwiller/69 News


It's funny how sometimes things just seem to work out.

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