One Tank Trip: Wernersville train station

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Jun 25, 2013   Updated: 6:30 PM EDT Jun 26, 2013

wernersville. but even though passenger service ended there 50 years ago... the station is still standing. >> wendy davis: now, after a decade long restoration project, you can step back inside it to take a look around. wfmz's karin mallett is on the road with tonight's one tank trip: in your backyard. >>charlotte moyer, museum chair person: here comes another train.. >>nats >>reporter: all these years later and trains still go by.. >>moyer: oh my yes.. sometimes long and some of them short but none of them stop. >>reporter: they used to.. the original train station in wernersville was built in 1881.. on land offered up by a local boy.. william werner. >>moyer: there was already a lot of traffic going up to the south mountain for several of the resorts... so it was quite a booming town at that point. >>standup: in return f this parcel, william werner wanted two things.. a town named after him and for every train that passed by here to stop here- >>nats >>reporter: he got both.. and 45 years later.. it was such a popular spot- the reading railroad company decided it was time for a more significant station.. a year later- the new one opened. and it was one that would remain. >>moyer: i do remember coming to this place because i grew up on a farm outside of town. i remember coming into the station as well and seeing at the end mr. brock who was the last ticket master. >>nats of bell: >>reporter: this is the first ticket sold out of the 1927 station.. and the original water fountain.. this wheelbarrow carried mail to the post office and money to the bank. preserving memories is at the core of the heidelberg heritage society.. the group behind the station's restoration. but there still seems to be one memory missing: >>moyer: we're on the prowl for a chicklet machine. for a penny you got two little chicklets.. and that's what we're looking for.. a chicklet machine. >>reporter: hopinfor some gum in the future.. on a one tank trip to the wernersville train station, karin mallett 69 news. >>> rob vaughn:>>> wendy davis: as we go to the next to could