Your cell phone can be your lifeline... but more and more it's likely putting you on a robbery's radar. Cell phone thefts are rising at an alarming rate. WFMZ'S Jennifer Joas has tips to keep you safe and out of harms way. Friday on 69 News at 5:30.

It's something most people always have with them. Some people might say they can't live without it. Your cell phone is an important part of everyday life.

But, these days, carrying a cell phone could make you a target. WFMZ's Jennifer Joas is on your side to help protect your phone, your personal information… even your life. She talks with Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane about the alarming rise in cell phone robberies. She also has tips to keep you off a robber's radar. It's a story you'll only see this Friday at 5:30pm on 69 News.