Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

"Single" floral shop employee boycotts Valentine's Day

Florists enjoy brisk Valentine's Day business

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Valentine's Day is great day for florists, card makers and chocolate makers.

But not everyone's heart is in the same place.

Business has been good this week at Girlfriend's Boutique in Bethlehem.

The folks here say they expect things to really pick up as people head home from work but not everyone is caught up in the Valentine's Day spirit.

One of the boutique's employees, who's having a little trouble finding love, is playing the role of the "anti-valentine."

"We sell a lot of valentines here but being single and Valentine's Day... it's just the worst holiday ever," said Kim Lychak.

Girlfriend's Boutique not only does flowers and the like.

They also sell clothes, jewelry and spray tans for the ladies.


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