Cut Your Interior Remodeling Cost with House Staging

Once you've got potential buyers inside your home, you want to show them a clean, clutter-free, and well-functioning space. Start out clearing as much of your personal items from walls, shelves, and countertops as you can so that you can give your prospective buyers plenty of room to imagine their own possessions in your house. Real estate agents call this "home staging." Then, do a walk-through of each room and make a list of look everything that's broken, not working, or needs updating. You want to make sure all the light switches, faucets, and drains work properly before you show your house. Also pay attention to tile walls and floors to see if they need any repairs or re-grouting. Paint the walls in rooms or hallways where the paint is old, discolored, or dirty. Change out your old, water-spotted or dirty shower curtains for new ones. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service if your regular vacuum isn't cutting it. Make sure your kitchen drawers and house doors open and close without squeaking or becoming unhinged. If ever there was a time to be a perfectionist, this is it. Go through your home with a magnifying glass and find all the little annoyances that you've managed to put up with - and fix them. New owners don't want to have to learn how to jiggle the office door just right so that they can get in and out of their workspace. You will increase the number of potential buyers if they walk into a freshly painted, clean and airy home with everything inside of it in working condition.