Two girls after Washington school shooting

Gunman in Washington school shooting ID'ed

The shooter who opened fire Friday morning at Washington state's Marysville-Pilchuck High School played football and…


Health Beat: Ankle replacements of the future

Ankle replacement

It's a surgery that's becoming increasingly more common: ankle replacements. Unfortunately, the surgery doesn't have a good reputation, but big strides have been made.

Health Beat: What your teeth are trying to tell you

Teeth - dentist

Your teeth and gums themselves can't talk, but they could be trying to tell you something very important about your health.

Health Beat: Exercise after knee replacement

Health Beat Exercise after knee replacement

Some 700,000 Americans undergo knee replacement surgery each year. So how do you keep those new knees in tip top shape?

Health Beat: Saving lives twice

Health Beat Saving lives twice

They're survivors who beat the odds as children fighting cancer and winning, but what was once the cure is now the culprit. That same life-saving treatment could kill them later in life.

Health Beat: Fixing flat polyps

Health Beat Fixing flat polyps

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cancer killer among men and women in the United States. A colonoscopy can spot and remove signs of cancer, which can show up as polyps, but sometimes these polyps are flat and very difficult to remove.

Health Beat: Enterovirus D68



A rarely seen virus is making a comeback this year. Enterovirus D68 is now confirmed in the death of one child and suspected in the deaths of three others across the country.

Health Beat: Burning away brain tumors

Health Beat Burning away brain tumors

More than 69,000 Americans are diagnosed with a brain tumor every year. Many of them will need an aggressive treatment plan that includes major surgery to remove the tumor, but now, there's an easier and safer way to get rid of the lesions. Doctors are burning brain tumors.

Health Beat: Smartphone stress

Cut down on smartphone stress


It seems like almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Along with that comes "smartphone stress."

Health Beat: Mini-pacemaker has no wires

As we age, the electrical pulses that keep our heart beating normally can start to slow down, causing our hearts rates to slow or even take long pauses in between beats. Traditionally, surgeons implant a pacemaker into the chest to help the heart.
Now, cardiac experts are testing an experimental device designed to eliminate major surgery and still keep the heart on track.

Health Beat: Rebuilding breasts with fat

Many of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year need surgery and radiation, procedures that can kill the cancer but disfigure breasts. Now, there's a simple way to reconstruct tissue using a patient's own fat.

Health Beat: Blood clots in kids

They can be dangerous, even deadly. Every year, up to 200,000 Americans die from a blood clot that travels to their lungs. You've probably heard about the condition in adults, but new research shows kids can get them, too.

Health Beat: Radio waves knock out knee pain

Doctors have used radio frequency ablation (RFA) to reduce neck and back pain for years. An electrical current from a radio wave is used to heat up a small area of the nerve where the pain starts. Now, that same technique is providing long-term relief for patients with severe knee pain.

Health Beat: Smart phone app saves lives

Heart rate app

From maps to games to tracking how many steps you take, there are apps for just about everything. But now, apps on your smart phone are actually saving lives.

Health Beat: Better braces that vibrate

Better braces

Braces and other dental devices can be a big commitment. On average, they cost patients $5,000 and require months, sometimes years, of use. Now, there’s a way to get you faster results.

Health Beat: Stroke in young adults

An estimated 800,000 Americans suffer from a stroke every day, according to the Center for Disease Control. Studies show anyone is at risk, including teenagers and children. It happened to one mother's young son, but now she's fighting a different fight by helping him regain his independence.

Health Beat: Are fad diets just fads?

Helping people lose the pounds is big business for the weight-loss industry. $20 billion big! So, if you fall for a fad diet, you're not alone, but do any of them do the trick?

Health Beat: Help for trigger finger

Texting, typing on small devices, even holding onto a steering wheel can be impossible for those who suffer from a painful hand condition that causes their finger to lock and stiffen. A simple outpatient procedure, however, is finally giving them a reason to high five.

Health Beat: Stopping schizophrenia before birth

Scientists have long called it a "brain booster." Choline is a nutrient found in animal cells, like meat and fish, that is essential for human development. Not only does it aid in memory and learning, but researchers now believe choline could help prevent mental illness.

Health Beat: Hope for metastatic prostate cancer

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. When caught early, it can often be cured, but when it spreads, most patients will die within five years. Now, a new treatment approach could lengthen their survival and become a first line treatment.

Health Beat: Distracted adults: ADHD?

ADHD is not just for kids, and you could be suffering from it too and not even realize it.

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