Health Beat: Stroke in young adults

An estimated 800,000 Americans suffer from a stroke every day, according to the Center for Disease Control. Studies show anyone is at risk, including teenagers and children. It happened to one mother's young son, but now she's fighting a different fight by helping him regain his independence.

Health Beat: Are fad diets just fads?

Helping people lose the pounds is big business for the weight-loss industry. $20 billion big! So, if you fall for a fad diet, you're not alone, but do any of them do the trick?

Health Beat: Help for trigger finger

Texting, typing on small devices, even holding onto a steering wheel can be impossible for those who suffer from a painful hand condition that causes their finger to lock and stiffen. A simple outpatient procedure, however, is finally giving them a reason to high five.

Health Beat: Stopping schizophrenia before birth

Scientists have long called it a "brain booster." Choline is a nutrient found in animal cells, like meat and fish, that is essential for human development. Not only does it aid in memory and learning, but researchers now believe choline could help prevent mental illness.

Health Beat: Hope for metastatic prostate cancer

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. When caught early, it can often be cured, but when it spreads, most patients will die within five years. Now, a new treatment approach could lengthen their survival and become a first line treatment.

Health Beat: Distracted adults: ADHD?

ADHD is not just for kids, and you could be suffering from it too and not even realize it.

Health Beat: Mom warns parents: Don't assume!

Ten people a day drown. It's too late for one mom, but she has turned her tragedy into a mission to save your child.

Health Beat: Personalized brain vaccine for glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive brain cancer in humans. The deadly cancer is usually treated with radiation and chemotherapy, but the tumor inevitably comes back. Now, a new treatment, using the patient's tumor, could help slow down its progression and help patients live longer.

Health Beat: Brain surgery in 3D

Neurosurgeons now have a new approach to brain surgery using the same 3D glasses you'd put on at an IMAX movie theater.

Health Beat: Predicting heart transplant rejection with blood test

For patients who've had a heart transplant, the surgery is just the beginning. Patients must undergo dozens of tests and biopsies to check for rejection of the donor organ. This can be especially difficult on children. Now, a new approach could change the way doctors predict transplant rejection, without expensive, invasive procedures.

Health Beat: Super, super foods: Test your IQ

Pumpkin, pumpkin seeds

You know to eat your fruits and vegetables, but what are the best, best foods out there?

Health Beat: Senior surgery: Fighting off the golden years

Senior surgery

Older men and women are opting to lift, tuck and tighten to take decades off their face and bodies. Last year, more than 85,000 surgical procedures were done by plastic surgeons on baby boomers, and each year that number continues to rise.

Health Beat: The sight, sounds of autism

Sight, sound of autism

One in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism. The kids struggle with making friends, social interaction and communication. We don’t know what causes one child to have autism and the other not to, but now researchers may have unlocked one key to what causes these kids to have these social problems.

Health Beat: Training the body to fight melanoma

The numbers are staggering. One person dies of melanoma every hour, and one in 50 men and women will be diagnosed with melanoma at some point in their lifetime. Now, a new experimental therapy is training the body's immune system to fight the disease.

Health Beat: Watch that bite: Ticks can turn you vegetarian

Summertime is all about getting outside and firing up the grill for an all-American barbeque, however, here is a warning for meat lovers. A small, but growing outdoor danger could take that away from you.

Health Beat: Food as a weapon against cancer

Food as weapon

Two out of every three people diagnosed with cancer today survive at least five years, and the right food may have a lot to do with winning that battle.

Health Beat: Health disparities in America

Health disparities

Does your mental health outcome depend on your age, gender, or race? Most people would like to think the answer is no, but studies show there are disparities.

Health Beat: DRACO keeps the bad guys away


Scientists are researching a new compound that could wipe out the common cold, influenza and many other viral infections. The researcher behind it said the discovery could be bigger than penicillin, with far less resistance.

Health Beat: Dystonia: The gold standard


Dystonia is a mysterious neurological disorder that causes muscles to "freeze up" or work inconsistently. It's the third most common movement and muscular disorder, affecting more than 250,000 children and adults nationwide, and there is no cure. A delicate procedure called deep brain stimulation has been available for about a decade, and experts say this has now become the "gold standard" for relieving symptoms of dystonia in some patients.

Health Beat: High-tech, real-life rehab

High-tech rehab

When patients suffer a brain injury or fall, or they have balance issues, rehabilitation can make all the difference in their recovery. Now, that rehab is going high-tech.

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