Health Beat: Robot rehab: Learning to walk again with EKSO

Wearable technology, like smart watches and Google Glasses, has become quite popular these days, but for some, it's more than just a trend, it's a treatment. Now, one futuristic device is helping victims of stroke and spinal cord injuries learn how to walk again.

Health Beat: What's on your plate could make you sick

Each year, 23,000 Americans die and eight million are hospitalized as a result of antibiotic resistant infections, and it has nothing to do with prescription medication. Here are some reasons you may want to take a closer look at what’s on your plate.

Health Beat: Killing chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CLL, is a blood cancer that typically occurs in older adults. There is no cure, but doctors are now studying a new treatment that could stop the disease in its tracks.

Health Beat: Is it strep or something else?

A scratchy, swollen throat with a high fever is the signal to parents that it's time for doctors to test for strep throat: a common childhood infection that can make a kid miserable for days. New research shows that, in some cases, what looks like strep may really be another bacterial infection with the potential for deadly complications.

Health Beat: Getting aggressive with prostate cancer

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, affecting one in seven men. With more American men living well into their 70s and 80s, a new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found big benefits to aggressively fighting prostate cancer in elderly patients.

Health Beat: Pot for pets?

The debate over medical marijuana for humans has been going on for years, and now it's legal in more than 20 states, but could pot also help our pets?

Health Beat: Freezing knees, stopping pain

More than 10 million Americans suffer from knee pain. Drugs and surgery can be a fix, but now, there's a better option for some patients, and doctors are freezing away the pain.

Health Beat: Snakelike robotic device fighting cancer

From removing otherwise inoperable brain tumors to diagnosing cancer in the deepest recesses of the lungs, new, snake-like robotic devices promise to do just that. Surgeons are now on the cusp of being able to bring hope to patients where none had been before.

Health Beat: Limb transplant gel: Saving hands, feet and faces

When a person loses an arm or a leg and prepares for a transplant, rejection is always a concern. Patients must take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their lives to fight rejection, but the drugs can wreak havoc on the rest of the body. Now, scientists have developed a new way to deliver the drugs to protect against rejection, changing lives in the process.

Health Beat: Stem cells for paralysis: 1st of its kind study

Nearly one in 50 people is living with paralysis. Until now, there wasn't much hope, but a new study involving stem cells has doctors and patients excited.

Health Beat: DIY plastic surgery: A risky business

In 2013, there were more than 15 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. As these methods become more common, many people are looking for ways to save a buck, but doing it yourself isn't the answer.

Health Beat: Platelet bioreactor

Platelet bioreactor

Every year in the United States, nearly 2.2 million platelet units from donors are transfused to treat patients undergoing chemotherapy or surgery, but increasing demand, a short-shelf life and risk of contamination keep platelets in tight supply. Now, a new way to generate them could radically transform how we deal with the shortage.

Health Beat: Stem cells reverse multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a scary and unpredictable disease. A patient's own immune system attacks the nervous system, causing numbness, dizziness, and in some cases, paralysis, but a team of researchers at the University of Utah found that human stem cells didn't just stop symptoms in animals, they reversed them.

Health Beat: Aquatherapy


For years, aqua-therapists have seen how rehabbing in the water is one of the best ways to achieve full function, regardless of the injury. Now, advanced aquatic therapy pools, once the exclusive domain of pro- and college sports teams, are coming to senior centers.

Health Beat: Spotting schizophrenia

Roughly three-million Americans suffer from schizophrenia, a mental disorder that can cause people to hear voices or have hallucinations. Currently, doctors diagnose the disorder in a very subjective way, but that could soon change.

Health Beat: Teens and sports: The 10,000 hour rule?

What does it take to make it in sports? Some swear by the "10,000 hour rule," meaning it literally takes 10,000 hours of practice. Others say too much play can actually hurt your chances of success.

Health Beat: 7-minute workout to transform body

Got seven minutes? One fitness expert says that's all the time it takes to start transforming your body. Grab a chair, find a wall, and lace up a sturdy pair of workout shoes. The so-called seven-minute workout is designed to hit all the major muscle groups, without spending all your time in the gym.

Health Beat: Proton therapy for kids

More than 13 million children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year. Many of them will need radiation to destroy their tumors, but side-effects can be scary. Now, a more precise form of the treatment that's been used in adults is also helping kids.

Health Beat: POEM: Help for swallowing disorder

Imagine if you felt like you were going to choke every time you ate or drank? That's what people with a condition called achalasia have to deal with daily. Now, there's a simple procedure that could offer relief, it's surgery without an incision.

Health Beat: Rare transplant for cystic fibrosis

Thirty-thousand children and adults in the United States are living with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects the lungs. For some, a lung transplant is the only hope for survival, but one woman had her lungs and more transplanted.

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