Potato and pasta salad are staples of summer barbecues, but the tasty dishes can make your swimsuit feel a lot more snug. Here is a guilt-free seasonal salad you can make in minutes.

"Today, we're making an Asian chicken salad; it's not a mayonnaise based chicken salad" said Stacey Kendrick, a health educator at Vanderbilt University.

First, brush your bone-in chicken breast with olive oil and add a little pepper and salt.

"If you're on a salt-restricted diet, you could certainly leave the salt off if you needed to," Kendrick explained.

Leave the skin on to keep the chicken juicy; cut up red and yellow pepper and two scallions. Then toast some hearty healthy almonds and sesame seeds.

Next, make the dressing with vegetable oil, cider vinegar, low fat creamy peanut butter, honey, soy sauce, sesame oil, and minced garlic.

When the chicken's cooked, throw the skin away and pull the chicken apart, then mix it with your other ingredients.

Serve the Asian chicken salad cold and you have "a great summer dish," Kendrick said.

The Asian chicken salad is about 500 calories per serving.

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