Hot temperatures and more time spent outdoors are both good reasons to pay attention to proper hydration in the summer. That means it might be time to rethink your drink.

"Paying attention to hydration during summer is going to enable you to enjoy your summer without feeling too fatigued," said Jessica Avasthi, a registered dietitian.

You get some water through foods like fruits and vegetables, but 80 percent of your hydration comes from what you drink, Avasthi said.

Here's quick H2O IQ quiz:

1. True or False: Let your thirst be your guide.

False. "You want to outpace your thirst. You do not want to get thirsty. When you're thirsty, you're already mildly dehydrated," Avasthi explained. "I would suggest keeping a water bottle with you at all times. That way, you can access water wherever you are, and you can actually track how much you're drinking and being sure that you're keeping hydrated consistently."

2. True or False: Eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day are sufficient.

False, mostly. "That's your bare minimum," Avasthi said. "Start off with that eight and build up from there.

Women, she said, should aim for at least nine glasses a day, and men should shoot for 12.

3. True or false: Some drinks hydrate more than others.

True. "Water is a perfect hydration policy," Avasthi said. "Stick with water."

As far as what to avoid in order to stay hydrated, alcohol is the number one thing. Also, watch your soda and caffeine intake.